Celebration of Community, Diversity & Culture!
April  30, 2023

Highlighting the diverse cultures in Tri-Cities! TCD&IC hosted their 3rd annual Celebration of Community, Diversity & Culture! This event highlights the beauty of the different cultures that make up the Tri-Cities.

We see you: Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council
May 26, 2023

The Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council (TCD&IC) is a BIPOC-led nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area. In addition to advocating for marginalized members of the community, providing DEI training and educational resources to local businesses, and hosting neighborhood events to build cultural awareness, the TCD&IC also focuses on empowering people of color through economic mobility and entrepreneurship.

Jenny Willis

Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council hosts 3rd annual resource distribution event
January 26, 2023

PASCO, Wash. — In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., the Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council hosted its third annual resource distribution event on the MLK Day of Service. It was a drive-through style of event where people could come through and pick up what they needed.

Local organization gives out food and essential items to thousands for Day of Service
January 16, 2023

The Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council are using the MLK Day of Service to provide food and essential items to thousands today.

Corey Jenkins Jr.

Diversity and Inclusion Council second annual Celebration of Diversity
August 7, 2022

Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusivity council put on a celebration of diversity on Saturday.
The council saw a need for this event in the community, hoping to bring people from different communities together to see what cultures could be right around the corner.

  Celebration of Community Diversity & Culture in Kennewick | Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council
August 6, 2022

On August 6th, 2022 the Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council will be holding their 2nd annual Celebration of Community, Diversity & Culture at Columbia Park in Kennewick.

Naima Chambers

  TCD&IC hosts ‘Celebration of Community, Diversity and Culture’ event
August 5, 2022

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council, or TCD&IC, hosts the ‘Celebration of Community, Diversity and Culture’ event. It will be at Columbia Park Saturday, August 6 from 12 to 8 p.m.

  Tri-Cities’ 2nd Annual Celebration Of Community, Diversity, And Culture This Weekend
August 4, 2022

The  2nd Annual Celebration of Community, Diversity & Culture” will be held this weekend August 6th from 12  to 8 p.m. in Kennewick.

The last few decades has changed the region into a more beautiful, diverse, and inclusive place says Lynn Carlson. She serves on the board for the Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council:

“Diversity is a natural thing and it is to be embraced and celebrated… lots of nationalities lots of origins and ethnicities, lots of religions gender expressions and sexual orientations…our region is already quite diverse”

Naima Chambers

Story Time with Naima Chambers-Smith, CEO of the Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council
January 12, 2022

Naima Chambers-Smith reads the children’s book “Change Sings” by Amanda Gorman

Naima Chambers

Naima Chambers TCD&IC CEO

Q&A with Naima Chambers–Tri-Cities Journal of Business, April 2022

Why should the Tri-Cities care about what you do?

Tri-Cities residents should care about what the council does because, ultimately, we are here to serve this community. There is not one person in our community who cannot benefit from what the council has to offer. We not only focus on supporting folks from historically underrepresented and under-resourced communities, but we also act as a bridge to close cross-cultural gaps and unite all members of the Tri-Cities.

Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council offering scholarships to high school and college students–YakTriNews, February 2022

The Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council (TCD&IC) is offering four $2,000 scholarships for three high school seniors and one college student.

FB Virtual MLK Celebration

CBC Awards Naima Chambers the 2022 MLK Spirit Award 

“Love is the first priority. We have to lead with a heart of love.”–Naima Chambers


‘To help other people.’ Tri-Cities nonprofit leader awarded MLK Spirit Award–Tri City Herald, January 2022

“We were impressed by her ability to get others engaged in the conversation around equity, diversity and inclusion in a way that allows our entire community to be strengthened,” said Jay Frank, CBC’s assistant vice president of communications and external relations.

MLK Day of Service 2022

Recipient of 2022 CBC MLK Spirit Award Honors Dr. King’s dream with community service day–Fox11, January 2022

The food-drive had a plethora of volunteers handing out food, groceries, baby items, blankets, emergency items, children’s books on diversity and social justice, and so much more. All items were for free as cars lined up all around the CBC parking lot.

“We want to serve our community and that’s what Dr. King also encouraged. He especially encouraged us to empower and lift up marginalized, neglected, and underserved communities.”  –Naima Chambers.


Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through celebrating service, diversity and inclusion–YakTriNews, January, 2022

 “We’re not checking for ID. We are not checking for citizenship status; we’re not checking for any of those things. If you need food, come out and get it,” said the Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion CEO Naima Chambers-Smith.

Celebration of Community, Diversity & Culture 2021

Celebration of Community Diversity & Culture Held At Columbia Park Saturday–NBC, August 2021

“Taking a moment to just appreciate everybody’s culture and just see the beauty in the difference that we have. That’s hopefully the biggest takeaway.” –Vanessa Wertz, TCD&IC Treasurer.


First annual Celebration of Community, Diversity and Culture in Tri-Cities on Saturday–YakTriNews, August 2021

“Our event is to celebrate culture and diversity and unity within our community,” organizer Irving Brown said. “We’ve been very intentional inviting out different ethnic backgrounds, different groups, different cultures, to bring their historical experience over to us.”