In partnership with Gemini Corps, LLC, we are excited to offer brave spaces and effective learning modalities to move conversations and skills forward around diversity, equity & inclusion.

Diversity to reflect the communities we live and work in.
Inclusivity to welcome and value everyone.
Equity to ensure access to opportunities and well-being.
Cultural Competency to understand, communicate & interact effectively across differences.


 We honor shifting societal expectations toward inclusivity in the workplace and the changing demographics that entails.


 We value diversity as a business attribute that drives innovation, customer service, profitability, healthy workplaces, and social responsibility.


 We provide trainings that enable companies to implement sustainable transformational change at all organizational levels. 


DEI Consulting Services provide a variety of tools for assessment, strategy implementation, and evaluation that are proven to create sustained transformational change at all organizational levels.


  • Knowledge and skills to leverage diversity as a strength
  • Inclusion as an employer advantage
  • Equity to provide excellent service to your clients


Naima Chambers

Naima is the founder and CEO of the Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council (TCD&IC) 501(c)(3) and organizer of the Tri-Cities Collective Black Voice. Naima is a certified Trauma Informed Care Facilitator, ASCENT Leadership graduate, and holds two DEI certifications in addition to certifications from Continuous Quality Improvement and Real Colors/Real Teams. With core competencies in Behavioral Intervention and Cognitive Restructuring, she has over 20 years progressive law enforcement experience using trauma informed practices for youth and adults in custody. Naima is a DEI leader and trainer with the lived experience of a multiracial, multicultural family. Naima serves as a commissioner on the City of Pasco Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Commission and is a member of several local community organizations.

Contact Naima

Naima Chambers
(509) 713-7095
Tri-Cities Diversity & Inclusion Council


Lynn is the founder and CEO of Gemini Corps, LLC. She is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP®) and Organizational Development practitioner with a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. She has 23 years corporate experience as an operation’s executive and PMP with a proven track record implementing inclusive leadership, diverse team recruiting and retention, culture of belonging, and equitable policies and practices. Her work is informed by her lived experience in disadvantaged communities in the south. She is an ally for several racial equity and social justice groups and an active volunteer in local community groups serving underrepresented and marginalized youth and adults.